Safety & Security

Get trusted products that meet your safety needs and protect your employees and business

Protect your workers in the shop and in the field

Safety is more than a hard hat, a pair of gloves, and a vest. In the shop or at the job site, safety is a state of mind. A safety-first culture stresses accident avoidance and prevention. Proper equipment, training, and technique are the best ways to minimize workplace mishaps.

Consider the losses from workplace accidents. In 2020, American companies lost 65 million workdays from work-related disabling injuries during the year. The average cost of a medically consulted injury was $44,000.

At Bostwick-Braun Industrial, we are committed to protecting your most valuable asset — your people. We provide comprehensive support to ensure your safest possible working conditions. Whether you need personal protection equipment, fire protection, traffic management, emergency response, or facility safety supplies, we have you covered.

Our safety specialists can assist you with product selection, arrange demonstrations and training, and answer any questions.

For your workers

Every job is different, and so are the PPE needs of your workers. Equip them with the right gear for the task.

  • Head-to-toe protection for the head, eyes, face, ears, hands, and feet
  • Respiratory protection
  • Fall protection
  • Garments, high-visibility apparel, and extreme weather gear
  • Hydration products
  • Welding protection

On the shop floor and in the field

Thinking “safety” starts in your parking lot. We have the products and solutions to protect your facility or job site, inside and out.

  • Ergonomics
  • Gas detection and monitoring
  • Environmental control
  • Traffic safety
  • Safety storage
  • Safety signage and alerts

Emergency response

Accidents happen. We help you prepare for them.

  • First aid and emergency kits
  • Spill containment
  • Fire protection

Instill a safety-first culture at your company. Make Bostwick-Braun Industrial your trusted safety partner.