Industrial Solutions

 MRO, Safety & PPE, Cutting Tools, Fasteners, Power Tools, and so much more.

MRO Solutions

Bostwick-Braun Industrial Supply specializes in providing high-quality abrasives and chemicals for industrial MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Operations) needs. With our extensive product range and expertise, we deliver reliable solutions to enhance operational efficiency in your facility regardless of size.

Top Vendors

Safety & PPE Solutions

Discover the best in safety and PPE solutions at Bostwick-Braun Industrial Supply. From high-visibility clothing to respiratory protection, we offer a comprehensive range of reliable and compliant safety equipment to protect your employees and promote a culture of safety in your workplace. Trust us to provide the essential tools and expertise for a safe and secure work environment.


Cutting Tool Solutions

Discover cutting-edge precision and efficiency with Bostwick-Braun Industrial Supply's superior selection of cutting tools. From drill bits to saw blades, our top-quality tools deliver exceptional results, enhancing productivity and accuracy in your industrial operations. Trust us to provide the expertise and tools you need for cutting success.


Fastener Solutions

Discover top-quality fasteners at Bostwick-Braun Industrial Supply. Our comprehensive range of bolts, nuts, screws, and anchors ensures reliability and precision for your projects. Count on us to keep your projects securely fastened and running smoothly.


Power Tool Solutions

Discover cutting-edge power tools at Bostwick-Braun Industrial Supply. From cordless drills to high-powered grinders, our reliable and high-performance tools will elevate your productivity and ensure project excellence. Trust us for the latest innovations and expertise to tackle your industrial tasks with precision.