Find products and services that help meet your safety goals and keep the job going

Solutions for job site safety and supply needs

Contractors face familiar challenges every day. Material shortages. Supply chain snags. Rising inventory expenses. Delays from the aftermath of the pandemic.

Disruptions are inevitable but often avoidable. At Bostwick-Braun Industrial, we help you to stay on schedule by supporting you where it matters most – at the job site. We put our experience and expertise to work for you. We pride ourselves on our quick response – even if that means emergency after-hours deliveries.

We offer a complete range of building hardware materials including anchors and bits, threaded rods, eyebolts and hooks, chains, cables, knobs, hinges, hasps, padlocks, and much more. The most popular sizes and forms are in stock and ready to ship. We also do custom orders to meet your specific needs.

Our wide selection of power and hand tools, and diamond-cutting wheels keep your crews equipped and ready to tackle any task. And our PPE products keep them safe on the job.

We offer kitting services that will save you time. We assemble kits of any kind, including hardware, consumables, tools, and PPE, in any combination.

Our vending solutions enable controlled point-of-use access to tools and consumables, allowing your workers to stay on task without scrounging for supplies.

We also offer additional value-added services to help you to control costs and save time, including consigned inventory and vendor-managed inventory.

Above all, we bring our expertise to your side. We are problem solvers, ready to assist you with any construction challenge, from the simple to the unusual. Our level of customer service is unmatched.

Keep your building project on track. Rely on Bostwick-Braun Industrial as your trusted construction supplier.