House-Hasson Acquisition of Bostwick-Braun Hardware FAQs

What does this mean to Bostwick-Braun Hardware and Southern Hardware customers? 

This is an exciting opportunity for all Bostwick-Braun Hardware and Southern Hardware customers. The people you’ve known and worked with for years will still be around to help you stock your stores, albeit under a new name. Under the new ownership, customers can expect continuity in the stocking of their stores, as the new owners have significant experience in the industry. Additionally, with a new owner, you may find expanded opportunities and a wider range of products available, leading to a broadened footprint of your store offerings.   

How should I order? 

Customers are encouraged to continue ordering through the website or your usual channels. Bostwick-Braun values your business and loyalty and aims for seamless operations during the transition. 

Is Bostwick-Braun going out of business? 

No. Bostwick-Braun will transition in the marketplace to focus on the industrial part of their business, Bostwick-Braun Industrial. The hardware portion of the business in Ashley, IN, and West Helena, AR will be owned and managed by House Hasson.

When will this all take place? 

The acquisition process is expected to be finalized over the next 90 days. During this period, Bostwick-Braun will assist customers in setting up accounts for purchasing from House-Hasson. 

What are the details of Bostwick-Braun becoming House-Hasson? 

While specific details are still being ironed out, it's highlighted that House-Hasson has been a supportive partner throughout the transaction. The team is actively gathering information, and updates will be provided as they become available. Customers can expect further clarification on operational changes and any impacts on their interactions with the company in the days ahead. Please check back regularly to ensure you stay informed about how the acquisition may affect you and your business relationships. 

Please reach out to our customer service team or your sales representative for further questions or clarifications. We value your continued support and understanding during this transitional phase. 
Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Bostwick-Braun Hardware and Southern Hardware!